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Attention ETAX Users

If you currently file your Sales and Use Tax return through the ETAX system, you will now file using the Kentucky Business OneStop system (Streamline Sales Tax Filers excluded).

If you are already using Kentucky Business OneStop, you can click "Get Started" to continue

Streamline Sales Tax Filers

If you are a Streamlined Sales Tax registrant, click here to file.

Logging In

After clicking "Get Started", you will be prompted to log in. If you have never created a Kentucky Business OneStop user account, you will need to do this via the Kentucky Online Gateway (KOG). This will be different from the user account used in ETAX.

Linking Your Business

After logging in, if your business does not show in the list of "My Businesses", click "Link My Business" and follow those instructions. Once your business is linked to you, you can begin filing.

Click here for a detailed user guide

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